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Motherfucker Mike


Portrayed by
Mike Matei (2009-present)
Board Game player
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Motherfucker Clarence Mike is the deuteragonist of the Board James series. He is James' possible friend, and if not friend, then at least is his board game playing partner. He has a habit of cheating in the games he plays with James and Bootsy, hence the word 'motherfucker'.


Mike makes his first appearance in the series in Episode 3, Crossfire, where he plays against Board James, although he cheats during the game, stealing James's balls.

Mike then makes appearances in almost all episodes after with the exception of Episode 13, Loopin Louie (though this is more of a bonus episode with the real James playing the game with Kevin Finn, various fans and fellow YouTubers at PAX), Episode 20, Omega Virus and Episode 21, Lie Detector Game, in which he had been killed by the "Dream Phone" in Episode 19, who may have actually been James.

In Episode 22, Ouija, James attempts to contact the spirits of Mike and Bootsy, in which he slits his wrist in order to enter the Ouija game world, where he meets Mike reincarnated as Elvis Presley, who saves James' life from Mr. Bucket and Dream Phone.

In Episode 24, Full House and Urkel Games, Mike (Along with Bootsy) are revived by Board James. It's then revealed that both Mike and Bootsy are hallucinations only seen and heard by James, as they suddenly disappear from the world entirely, leaving James by himself.

Mike appears once again in the final two Episodes (13 Dead End Drive and NIGHTMARE), where its revealed that Mike's full name is "Motherfucker 'Clarence' Mike" (Leading to ridicule by James and Bootsy) in the latter episode. At the end of NIGHTMARE, Mike's fate is left unknown after killing James in the game of Battleship.

Motherfucker Mike also has a cameo in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation who was stabbed to death along side Bad Luck Boosty by Board James as the Nerd stumbles across James killing them.


Mike has worn many different outfits throughout the series, although he primarily wears a T-shirt with jeans. More notably, he's been seen with a leather jacket and jeans, with his hair being slicked back after Episode 22, Ouija. During the same episode, Mike was revived as Elvis Presley, sporting an outfit Elvis has worn, some shades and slicked back hair present in all episodes after.


Mike has a very calm demeanor, however, while playing board games, he takes on a more sly and devilish personality, often resorting to cheating to win games and get his way, which ends up in arguments with James on whether Mike was really cheating or not (Most of the time, he is cheating, however he doesn't admit it).