Motherfucker Mike


Portrayed by
Mike Matei (2009-present)
Board Game player
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Motherfucker 'Clarence' Mike is a character from Board James who is James' possible friend, and if not friend, then at least is his board game playing partner. He is prone to saying "fuck" (which could possibly explain his name) and sometimes likes to mess with the games that he and James play together. The character is a cheating bastard. He is played by Mike Matei. Motherfucker is his legitimate first name as revealed in the Nightmare episode when he tells the Gatekeeper his full name is Motherfucker Clarence Mike which Bootsy and James laugh at.

He was stabbed to death with a knife by an unknown assailant in the 19th episode of Board James. Board James believes that the Dream Phone was the murderer of both Motherfucker Mike and Bad Luck Bootsy. However, Board James also fears that perhaps he has lost his mind, and was the true murderer all along.

In the Board James episode "Ouija/Domino Rally", Motherfucker Mike (along with Bad Luck Bootsy) are apparently resurrected.

In an odd turn of events, when he puts on a pair of Steve Urkel glasses, he and Bootsy talk to Board James and tell him that he has no friends. This results in him disappearing, as if he never existed at all.

Motherfucker Mike also has a cameo in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation who was stabbed to death along side Bad Luck Boosty by Board James as the Nerd stumbles across James killing them.

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