Mike Matei, with a Nintendo 64 cartridge of Super Smash Bros

Mike Matei
is an actor, writer and illustrator for the Angry Video Game Nerd. He has played many characters on the show. He also draws the title cards to every episode which appears in the shows intro.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie

During the filming of The AVGN Movie, Mike has been running while James has been working on the film. Mike has been posting Movie Reviews, Game Reviews and Game Tips and Game Gliches Videos in the meantime.

While it has been comfirmed that Mike will not be in the AVGN movie on screen, it has been suggested that he may lend his voice as one of his character from the series for the movie.

AVGN Characters Played By Mike Matei

  • The Wizard of Oz- The Cowardly Lion
  • Star Trek- Metron
  • Batman Part 2- The Joker
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