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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a game developed by Sega for the Sega Genesis which features Michael Jackson as the main character. It was reviewed on The Angry Video Game Nerd on January 7, 2009, six months before Michael Jackson's death in June.

It was based on the movie Moonwalker. In the game you play as Michael going around battling "Kidnappers" and saving children. He has various attacks like throwing his hat and spinning. The Nerd commented on how one button can make Michael "grab his crotch".

While the Nerd got a little frustrated by the game's difficulty in the latter stages and having to use Bubbles the Chimp to guide Michael to the bosses, and also questioned some of the music placement, he deemed it to be a decent game overall, especially considering it was released early on in the Genesis's lifecycle.

Transcript for the Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is shown here.

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