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Portrayed by
Sarah Glendening
Cockburn Inc. Employee
First Appearance

Mandi is a fictional character female lead in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. Mandi has red hair and appears as to be a nerdy girl wearing glasses. In the movie Mandi works for the video game company Cockburn Inc. Mandi is portrayed by American actress Sarah Glendening, best known for replacing American actress Spencer Grammer as Lucy Montgomery on the soap opera As the World Turns, and for portraying Marissa Tasker on the soap opera All my Children. Mandi convinces the Angry Video Game Nerd, through his best friend and manager Cooper, to do a review of Cockburn's new sequel to the infamous Atari 2600 video game, E.T.. She joins the Nerd and Cooper on a road trip adventure, trying to get to the Atari landfill and find the original Atari games, but winds up getting entangled in a conspiracy involving the Roswell UFO crash, aliens, Area 51 and more.

Since surviving Death Mwauthzyx's rampage through Las Vegas, Mandi is presumably in a romantic relationship with Cooper.


Mandi is a scheming, intelligent girl. She's easily annoyed and can be rather antagonistic at times. Despite seeing the Nerd as nothing but a chance to get money at first, she eventually grows to like him and realizes the selfish nature of her deeds.

Role in the film[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

Mandi introduces the movie through voiceover, talking about the disaster known as "Eee Tee" and how it caused the video game crash of 1983, only to use it as a reason for the idea she pitches to the company: She plans on making "Eee Tee 2", marketing as a game even worse than the original, as players are inspired by AVGN to play abysmal games.

She later meets up with Cooper and the Nerd. She proposes that AVGN reviews their new game to gain more popularity, and she later funds the excavation project as finding the buried Eee Tee cartridges will only globalize the game even more. She arrives in a Cockburn van and awkwardly greets them. The Nerd is hesitant about trusting her, but is told that she's a gamer. During the trip Mandi is shown to have horrible gaming skills despite being a self-proclaimed gamer.  When she's the only one awake, she's contacted by her boss who's worried about the project. Mandi eerily smirks and removes her glasses, letting him know that they're "just a bunch of dorks"


  • Originally, in the script, Mandi's character was supposed to be 28 years old, however this detail was changed in the final film, where she was 25. In real life the actress portraying Mandi, Sarah Glendening, was 28 years old while filming.