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The Nerd shitting on Bugs Bunny.

The Nerd has been known to defecate on video games (and people) when frustrated. This is a list of all the shitting scenes in AVGN episodes.

Notable scenes[]

Nightmare on Elm Street[]

When the Nerd and his clones are arguing on how they should destroy the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" NES cartridge, one of them suggests shitting on it, which the Nerd agrees. But since he doesn't have to take one, one of his clones shits on it for him. Before he finishes, he is killed by Freddy Krueger.

Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout[]

This is probably the most well known instance of the Nerd shitting on something. After being mercilessly beaten by the Nerd, Bugs Bunny falls on his back and is forced to withstand what appears to be a gallon of diarrhea from the Nerd through a fake ass.


During the Halloween review, the Nerd is interrupted by two kids trick-or-treating. The Nerd, frustrated by this inconvenience, grabs the children's bag of candy and holds it wide open under his ass as he takes a liquid shit into it. He also puts an Atari 2600 console and his copy of Halloween in the same bag.

This leads to the kids calling him "the poopy man" when he later goes over to babysit them. The Nerd also uses the same bag of shit to smack Michael Myers.

Atari Jaguar Part 2[]

The Nerd remarks the Jaguar CD (on top of the Jaguar) looks like a toilet. He later concludes the episode by saying "The end. I gotta take a shit.". The Nerd then opens the Jaguar CD, squats over it, and craps out large chunks of clustered shit. It apparently smells worse than his other shits as he visibly seems disgusted (holding his nose). It evens seems to drive Boo away.

Ecco the Dolphin[]

Frustrated with the game, the Nerd pulls Ecco the Dolphin out from the television screen, beats him, jams a funnel into his blowhole, and proceeds to defecate a violent stream of diarrhea into him. This causes Ecco to spray feces out of his mouth and apparently suffocate. This is the first time the Nerd himself has defecated on screen since Atari Jaguar Part 2, over 10 years prior.

The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man[]

Furious at how bad the game is, the Nerd claims "he's going to have a cow", referencing Bart Simpson's catchphrase. The nerd then stands up and shits out a live heifer onto his couch.

Other shitting scenes[]

The Wizard of Oz[]

After the Nerd tosses the SNES cartridge of The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion suddenly turns over on his head and shits out forces of diarrhea, which plasters the game onto the Nerd's ceiling.

Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle[]

For revenge on the Nerd for his previous shit on Bugs's face, the mischievous rodent knocks him to the ground and unleashes a plethora of giant rabbit pellets onto the Nerd's face and shoulders.

Star Wars Games[]

At the very end of the episode, while the Nerd is naming a bunch of made-up Star Wars games, a digitized buffalo can be seen walking by his house through the basement window. Seconds later, it turns around and violently blasts a diarrhea shit through the Nerd's window, breaking it and causing the blinds to jump. A shocked Nerd then starts screaming and cursing about the ordeal and complains about having to clean it up.

Toxic Crusaders[]

When Lloyd Kauffman realizes how horrible the game with his name on it is, he decides to shit on it. After informing the Nerd he had eaten baked beans, he takes the NES game out of the Nintoaster and tosses it on the floor. He pulls down his pants, and lets a messy stream of thick diarrhea pour all over the game cartridge. The Nerd, disgusted by the event, uncontrollably vomits all over the game while Lloyd continues to shit on it.

On the 10th day of Shitsmas, the Toxic Crusaders cartridge can be seen on the floor in the Nerd's basement, still covered in puke and shit (he apparently never bothered to clean it up).


  • The shit used to cover Bugs Bunny is actually thick peanut butter mixed with chocolate syrup. The Nerd would reuse that same recipe in the Shit's Kitchen scene in "Jurassic Park: Trespasser".