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This article lists every obstacle, hazard, enemy, and boss that makes even the slightest appearance in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Spiked Hazards[]

Next to death blocks, the game's most common hazards usually include spikes. 

Death Blocks Sprites

Death Blocks Sprites


The first of the spiked hazards are actual spikes. These sharp metal stakes are always seen in packs and families, covered in blood and will hide in the ground before skewering up in a pattern.

Spiked Swinging Balls[]

In Assholevania, thick, wrecking ball-like spheres coated in golden spikes with a mounted matching chain swings about, whether they swing back and forth or an endless 360 degree spin. These barbed wrecking balls are usually set up as a barricade that the player must avoid via a series of planned out dodges or to dely a hard jump made even harder by their presence.

Chained Spiked Platform[]

Basically a flattened version of the spiked swinging balls, these are just leveled black platforms with golden spikes on its belly. They are tucked away in the ceiling before they come crashing down, crushing and stabbing anything unfortunute enough to be under it before it elevates back into the ceiling via an attached chain.

Spiked Block Traps[]

Only appearing in Happy Fun Candy Time, these are joyous, smiling blocks that, when stepped on, will have a pack of spikes gouge out of its four sides, killing all in the way.


These comical obstacles only appear in Beat It and Beat It. They are really reskins of spikes, being purple, penis shaped sex toys (matching the stages' sexual layout) that are hidden in the floor before they slide out of their cubby hole, stab, and kill anything over it.

Spinning Projectiles[]

All of these listed below in this heading are reskins, being a sphere that spins around in a cyclone, only in a condensed area, that will kill the player the moment that touch it. These hazards also and usually flying up and down instead of spinning in some areas of the game.

Fire Balls[]

The names of these projectiles are pretty self explanatory, acting as just simple large orbs of pure fire. These appear in Naggi Sucks, Assholevania, Thy Farts Consumed, and Dungeons and Dickholes.

Smiling Faces[]

In Happy Candy Fun Time, neon globes with a smiling, happy face spin about, matching the level's overly happy outline.

Energy Orbs[]

Bubbles of pure energy appear in the stage Future Fuckballs 2010.

Star Fish[]

Large, tan, cycloning starfishes appear in the stage Beat it and Eat it.

Ghostbuster Ghosts[]

Stereotypical, smiling sheet ghosts that fly in a typhoon appear in the stage Boo! Haunted House. These are identical to the poorly designed ghosts from the infamous Ghostbusters game.

LJN Cartridges[]

In the final level, Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts, the spinning projectiles are unidentified LJN NES cartridges with a rainbow following it.


This heading lists all enemies and hazards that hover above the player that either kamakizes themselves or drop protectiles straight down like an airstrike.

Gorgon Ghosts[]

These enemies are sperm like, evil, translucent faces that fly, usually in packs and in an wave pattern, around the stage Assholevania.


Fitting Future Fuckballs 2010's and Laughin' Jokin' Numbnut's futuristic layout, these enemies are astronaut suited human(oids) that hover about the stage with a handless jetpack and will cause damage to the player by soaring into them.

Winged Smiles[]

These are green spheres with a happy face and a pair of white angel wings. Don't let the joyous expressions fool you, though, as, like every thing in the stage it appears in (Happy Fun Candy Time and Blizzard of Balls), they will try to crash into you in an attempt to kill the player.

Pooping Birds[]

In Blizzards of Balls, brown avine animals will fly about the stage and bomb the player with its own feces, parodying one of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's enemies, being birds who unrealistically shit mounds of dog-like excrement.

Snowmen Angels[]

In the same level, orbs of snow with the decoration of a snowman face will fly around the blizzardy Christmas-themed stage with their angel wings gouging out of their sides. They will, like the astronauts and winged smiles, attempt to soar into the player.

Flaming Skulls[]

In Thy Farts Consumed, yellow, flaming skulls will fly towards the player, usually in packs, and attempt to crash into them unless the player manages to gun them down first.

Flying Pooping Dinosaurs[]

Going with Dungeon and Dickholes' fantasy overlay, the flyers of the stage are lime green, three-eyed, avine dinosaurs. They are reskins of Blizzards of Balls' birds.


Parodying the Nerd's Halloween stereotypes in the A Nightmare On Elm Street episode, pixeled witches and brooms fly around the Boo! Haunted House stage. They also appear in the surfing section of Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts.

Naked Witches[]

Basically reskins of the aforementioned hazards, but are Atari-styled, naked witches. These broomed sluts are parodies of the milk producing witch from the pornographic Atari game Philly Flasher, reviewed by the Nerd in his Atari Porn video.


Just regular, faced pumpkins that fly around the dark stage of Boo! Haunted House in hopes of killing the player.

Grounded Chargers[]

Any grounded (or slightly hovering) enemy who has no real weaponry and them simply walking into player harms/kills them.

Grounded Projectile[]

Same as the chargers, but they have means of ranged attacks other than close quarter melee.


Mr. Hyde[]

"Wraagh! I'll show you what horror means!"

The infamous Hyde from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on NES. He's invulnerable to all your attacks in this form as he will jump and shoot blue energy orbs at you in a curvy pattern (referencing the poor attack from the NES game). After a while, he will switch to Dr. Jekyll, which is your chance to shoot him like crazy.

Crazy Unicorn[]

Crazy Unicorn appears as the boss of Happy Fun Candy Time, who flies around and tries to defecate on the Nerd. In Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe remaster, it was replaced by the Bloodstain Bears, who are shown to have kiled and eaten the unicorn.

Bloodstain Bears[]

Replacing the Crazy Unicorn as the boss of Happy Fun Candy Time in Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe are the Bloodstain Bears from the Berenstain Bears episode. These vicious bears from another reality replaced by Bloodstain Bears, as well as the Unicorn being a corpse who was eaten by them. Papa Bloodstain flies on a kite connected to the family's car, occupied by the rest of the family, who attack by attempting to drive into the Nerd. Papa Bloodstain will attack by trying to defecate on him from above.


"Where did you learn to fly?"

Skylar appears as the boss of Future Fuckballs 2010. She has little Skylars around her, protecting her. Skylar will get angry if you kill all of her "babies." Skylar in the Deluxe remaster, she is referred as "???", a reference why The Nerd didn't know her real name.

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"You ungrateful Nerd! You hate every present you get! Well, how's this for shitty gifts!"

Santa will meet the Nerd near the end of Blizzard of Balls stage. This jolly old man isn't so jolly to the Nerd as he will attack by throwing presents at you which will explode into shit upon hitting the ground. Shoot him like crazy and ride his body like a sled down to the boss arena.

Ghosts of Christmas[]

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The Devil[]

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The Giant Claw[]

Genital Custer[]

Bimmy and Jimmy[]

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Dr. Fucks[]

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Dr. Fucks is a programmer and sends his minions.