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This article lists every obstacle, hazard, enemy, and boss that makes even the slightest appearance in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation. This also some of the minions of Fred Fucks (or Nostalgia Critic).

Spiked Hazards[]

There are less Death Blocks in the Game now, and has different Variants in each World.


The first of the spiked hazards are actual spikes. These sharp metal stakes are always seen in packs and families, covered in blood and will hide in the ground before skewering up in a pattern.

Spiked Swinging Balls[]

In Monster Madness, thick, wrecking ball-like spheres with a mounted matching chain swings about, whether they swing back and forth or an endless 360 degree spin. These barbed wrecking balls are usually set up as a barricade that the player must avoid via a series of planned out dodges or to dely a hard jump made even harder by their presence.

Spinning Projectiles[]

All of these listed below in this heading are reskins, being a sphere that spins around in a cyclone, only in a condensed area, that will kill the player the moment that touch it. These hazards also and usually flying up and down instead of spinning in some areas of the game.

Fire Balls[]

The Fire Balls return, and they act similar to Super Mario Bros when in the Castle. These appear in Monster Madness and Final Tower.

Silver Marbles[]

These Silver Spinning Marbles appear in Board James.


These Buzzsaws appear in Monster Madness and Area 52.

Ninja Star[]

Those Big Ninja Stars appear in Nerd Gaiden.

Enemies in The Nerd Room[]

NES Controllers[]

The NES Controllers are the weakest enemy.

Cyclop Alien[]

Those Cyclop Alien are jumping on the ground. One of the Fred Fucks' minions.

Enemies in Browntown[]


Those fishes in Browntown appears in ground or water.

Scuba Workers[]

The Scuba Workers will charge up to player with their drill.


Those Cacodemons were from Thy Farts Consumed from first game, they return to Browntown.

Bubble Robot[]

The Bubble Robots didn't walk when without water and they walk with water.


Those Feces are walk to make bowel.

Enemies in Monster Madness[]


Those Egyptian Mummies were from Assholevania and Boo! Haunted House from first game, they return to Monster Madness.


The Ghost chases player.


The Leatherface clones is charging their chainsaw to player just like Scuba Workers.


Those Bats fly through level.

Enemies in Board James[]


Those mouses appear from "Mouse Trap" Board Game.

Helicopter Board Piece[]

The Helicopter Board Pieces flying around the stage.

Hungry Hippo[]

Those Hippos appeared from "Hungry Hungry Hippo" Board Game, those Hippos will eat the player.

Panda Racer[]

The Actual Panda Suit from "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties".

Enemies in Area 52[]


This Green Ailen appeared from the Movie, they float by using their mouth. In Deluxe, it has the resemblance of E.T. from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.


Those R.O.Bs were from Future Fuckballs 2010 from the first game, they now return in Area 52, one of the minions of Fred Fucks.

Gun Robots[]

Those Gun Robots are shoots with it's gun.

Alien Blobs[]

The Alien Blobs are seems not do anything, just like Sushi.

Enemies in Nerd Gaiden[]


Those Ninjas will charge up to the player with their Katana.

Yellow Kawaii Face[]

These Flying Kawaii Faces will fly towards the player.


Sushi's don't do anything, they move on the Conveyor Belts and hurt the player by touching it.


Shrimps can fly around the stages.

Ramen Octopus[]

Flying Octopus will come up towards the player while flying.

Wing Robot[]

He flies so fast, it's made of metal it can't be kiiled.

The Wing Robot is reference to Baymax's armor from Big Hero 6.


The mini-boss that flys right towards the player while flying, until you fight him while avoiding Sushis.

Scrotoro is a parody of a anime character "Totoro".