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Leatherface is one of the three villians present in the Angry Video Game Nerd episode Texas Chainsaw Massacre, alongside Chop Top and the Hillbilly. He is portrayed by Mike Matei, who also portrayed Chop Top in the episode.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre[]

After the Nerd knocks Chop Top over, Leatherface shows up at the Nerd's door, brandishing his chainsaw and later chases the escaping Nerd, until the Nerd is knocked unconscious by the Hillbilly.

He is present later with Chop Top and the Hillbilly in the Hillbilly's shed, where they tie the Nerd up, gag him with a dead chicken and force him to continue playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Atari 2600. Unable to cope with the situation any longer, the Nerd breaks free of his bounds, and Leatherface is ordered by Chop Top to chase after him. While chasing the Nerd, Leatherface is seemingly trapped on an overturned bicycle, parodying the Atari game which included bicycles as obstacles. This gives the Nerd the time and leisure to walk back to his house unharmed.