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Jungle Fever-Knight on the Town - 1982 - PlayAround

Knight on the Town is a game for the Atari 2600. In it, you play a knight who needs to get across the moat to save a buxom princess, but the only way across is for the knight to build a drawbridge, piece by piece. While building the bridge, the knight must dodge a dragon's fire, an alligator swimming in the moat and a little gremlin with a big mouth to bite the knight's penis off. To make matters worse, the gremlin moves faster for every piece of bridge placed. The goal of this game is to get across a completed drawbridge and climb to the top of the tower to get the princess in the least amount of time. It was reviewed in the episode Atari Porn.


There is a copy of this game, Lady in Wading, but the nerd didn't review it. It is a copy of Knight on the Town, but you're a princess building a bridge to get to the knight. The gremlin and alligator will bite her butt off if they get her.