Jason Voorhees

Mike as jason

June 13, 1946
October 13, 2006
Portrayed by
Serial Killer
First Appearance
Friday the 13th NES Review

Jason Voorhees, also called Jimmy in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, is a guest character appearing in the Angry Video Game Nerd episode Friday the 13th. He is played by Mike Matei.

Like the character from the actual films, he never speaks.

Friday the 13th

In the Friday the 13th NES review, Jason is forcing the Nerd to do a positive review of the game, threatening to kill him with his machete if he bad-mouths it, shuts it off or attempts to escape. Nearing the end of the episode, the Nerd cracks and starts to insult the game, angering Jason. As Jason is about to slash him with his machete, the Nerd swings his controller at Jason's face, knocking him over behind the couch. The Nerd then pummels him with his controller, and brandishing his NES Zapper, blows Jason's head off.

Berenstain Bears

While The Nerd is playing a Barenstain Bears game, he discovers a very bizarre glitch, which causes The Nerd to see another version of himself through his TV, albeit the second Nerd is from another dimension (where "Berenstain" is spelled "Berenstein"), and is also in hell of that dimension. This alternate dimension had the same events as in the Friday the 13th episode, but when The Nerd says "kill me.", Jason actually kills him instead of just forcing him to play the bad NES game more, which is how it really happened in the original episode.

The Nerd in the alternate dimension hell is condemned to play Friday the 13th on the NES for all eternity, with Jason standing behind him.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

The hockey masked serial killer makes a debatable appearance in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. In the level Boo! Haunted House, a hockey mask wearing freak named Jimmy appears as one half of the stage's boss, along with "Freddy Krueger", who is named Bimmy. This is done to both avoid any copyright issues and to reference Double Dragon III's infamous -Bimmy and Jimmy instead of Billy and Jimmy- typo. Either way, an entity physically identical to Jason (a hulking zombie-like humanoid donning a purple jumpsuit and aqua hockey mask) appears in the game, wielding a chainsaw and sprinting from left to right in an attempt to kill the player.

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