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Handsome Tom is the co-founder of ScrewAttack with Stuttering Craig. He played the Ghost of Christmas Present on an episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd. He left ScrewAttack to join (now Channel Awesome) after his friendship with Craig ended.

Tom also appeared in TGWTG Team Brawl as a part of the Nostalgia Critic's team as he mentioned having a score to settle with a particular gamer. Though he was first eyeing The Nerd as he made that declaration, Tom was speaking of Benzaie who previously challenged him to Street Fighters.

Tom was among the crew of TGWTG in the site's 2010 film Kickassia to observe Board James going over the instructions of a game of Risk.

Since then, Tom has temporarily retired from making videos since 2014, due to family matters.

He is acknowledged when The Nerd reviews EarthBound when he encounters an enemy by the name of Handsome Tom.