Halloweenis the 36th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It is a Halloween special. It guest stars Mike Matei and Liam Mulvey as Michael Myers, Nicole Mulvey as the neighbor, and Michael Mulvey & Lil' Liam Mulvey as the kids.


The Nerd has to babysit tonight, and is not too thrilled about that. To pass the time, he decides to play Halloween on the Atari. The first thing that bothers him is the manual. It says the title two times, one on top of the other. Then, the game itself. It looks like a bootleg, with the title just written on in marker. The Nerd explains that this is the real game, and that they did this to minimize costs (their industry was liquidating). He puts the game in and prepares to play. You play as the babysitter trying to save the kids from Michael Myers. He wonders why the house has no furniture and why each wall is a different color. He finds a knife, which he uses to drive Michael Myers away. The Nerd realizes that the babysitter is actually taller and (counting the skirt) wider than Michael Myers. He then shows us what happens when you die. His head disappears and blood spurts out. He decides that that's enough. Suddenly, there is a knock at the Nerd's door. He goes to open it and sees two trick-or-treaters. The Nerd does not want to be bothered and takes a shit in a bag and gives it to them. He slams the door, leaving the kids screaming at him for some candy. He gives them the Halloween game instead, explaining that it's an Atari game. The kids don't know what an Atari is, so he gives them one of his. The Nerd, who has a little extra time before he has to go babysit, decides to show us a couple more games. He shows us one called Haunted House. He puts it into the Atari. He plays as a pair of eyes. When he gets a match, the light encircles him and he says it looks like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. When he gets a little further, the light goes out and he can't see at all. He goes to his shelf to put a different game in. He notices E.T. and is about to put that in, but decides not to. As he is doing this, Michael Myers can be seen peering through the window. The game he chooses is Frankenstein's Monster for the Atari. He calls it stunning. The graphics are pretty good for Atari. The Frankenstein monster comes alive and appears to come out of the TV until the Nerd shuts the game off. He leaves to go babysit. As he is walking down the street, Michael Myers is following him. When he gets to the house, he is surprised to find none other than the two trick-or-treaters that he gave the game too. The kids make him play the game and they tell him that he isn't very good at it. Then, the power goes out. The Nerd goes down to the basement to the check the circuit breaker. While he is down there, he finds the bag of shit that he gave the kids. As he is checking the circuit breaker, Michael Myers comes out from behind the corner. Myers chases the Nerd, who throws the bag of shit at him in defense. One of the kids hands him the two Atari controllers. He uses them to gauge Myers' eyes out. This merely stuns him, as he gets up. The Nerd, who doesn't know this, goes upstairs with the kids. Michael then grabs the Nerd from behind and begins to choke him. He probably would've killed the Nerd, had he not seen the Atari controller. He picks it up and plays his game. Michael doesn't like the game and is about to kill the Nerd, when the kids come in with boxing gloves and beat Michael Myers up. They look away for a little bit, but then Michael is gone. The Nerd tells the kids' mother, who has just gotten home, to call the police. The episode ends here.

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Title Card

The Nerd is playing Halloween while Michael Myers watches him.

The Nerd's Attire

Normal clothes.