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The Nerd's "guitar guy"
In between Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle and Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors, March 6, 2013

The Nerd's Guitar Guy is a fictional character created by James Rolfe and Kyle Justin for the Angry Video Game Nerd web show. He is portrayed by musician Kyle Justin. The Guitar Guy lives behind the Nerd's couch and sings and plays his show's theme song on his guitar from behind it. The Angry Video Game Nerd theme song was composed by Kyle Justin respectively, in association with James Rolfe, while the show portrays the song as an original piece written by the Guitar Guy.

The Guitar Guy first joined the Nerd in a video game during the Nerd's Battletoads review. The game was almost unplayable with two players and extremely frustrated both him and the Nerd. He later helped the Nerd fight Bugs Bunny in the Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle review though he got angry and left after the Nerd broke his guitar while hitting Bugs Bunny with it. Later, the Guitar Guy "died"; the circumstances have not been confirmed, but it is assumed that the death was due to the fact that the Nerd never fed the Guitar Guy while he lived behind the couch. Following his death, his skeleton clutching his guitar were shown lying behind the couch in the episodes Schwarzenegger Games and Dark Castle.

The Nerd then brought the Guitar Guy back to life for his Ikari Warriors review to assist him in playing the game, as it was too difficult for one player. Ultimately it was discovered that the game was even harder with two players, and the Guitar Guy retired to making random lyrics for songs while the Nerd continued trying to beat the game.

His latest appearance was a brief cameo in the EarthBound episode in The Nerd's subconscious, though this is archive footage taken from the intro.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie[]

Guitar Guy makes a brief cameo alongside Motherfucker Mike at the site of the E.T. landfill.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures[]

Guitar Guy appears, in his skeleton form, as a hidden playable character in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. His guitar produces soundwaves that can shoot through obstacles, making it easier to hit enemies.