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"Ya see, Nerd? Nobody makes ya play these games but yourself. So you're in your own damn nightmare. Now, you're gonna die! "
—Freddy intimidating the Nerd in the nightmare world.
Freddy Krueger

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Portrayed by
Mike Matei & James Rolfe (voiced by James)
5 foot 7
kill count
killing kids in their sleep

Freddy Krueger is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the popular horror movie series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Nightmare on Elm Street Review

Freddy forces the Nerd to play his game (Nightmare on Elm Street on NES) in his dreams. At the end, the Nerd (and his clones, since he cloned himself to be able to play the 4 player mode) decide they've had enough of the shitty game. One of the 3 clone Nerds takes a dump on the game and gets killed by Freddy. The real Nerd hides in his closet while the other two Nerd clones are murdered by Freddy. Then, Freddy finds the Nerd in his closet and starts intimidating him. Before he is able to kill the Nerd, the latter shows that he has the Power Glove, fights Freddy and ends up destroying him, while keeping the Power Glove in the real world.


Freddy reappears briefly, mostly through archive footage killing the four nerds. The only new clip of Freddy comes from his shadow seen giving the finger when the 2016 Nerd exposes Freddy hiding around the corner to the Nerd clones.