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Fred Fucks


First Appearance
Dracula (mentioned)
The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (physically)
Last Appearance
Life of Black Tiger with Gilbert Gottfried
Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe
LJN Wrestling and Other Games ( As a Gag)
Portrayed by
Gilbert Gottfried (Life of Black Tiger)
"Send those fuckers into the stratosphere!"
—Fred Fucks

Fred Fucks, also sometimes referred to as Fred Fuchs is a running gag and eventual character in the Angry Video Game Nerd series. The character was inspired by Frederic S. "Fred" Fuchs, a Canadian-American Film producer best known for his producing Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Godfather Part III.

AVGN name pronunciation[]


The running gag first began in the Dracula episode (episode 57). The SNES video game Bram Stoker's Dracula includes several credits for the movie it was based on, including Fred Fuchs.

At the video mark of 9:42, when the Nerd begins to read such credits, he notices Fred Fuchs and is baffled by the name, believing it to be pronounced "Fred Fucks". James Rolfe could barely get through acting out the scene of the Nerd starbound at Fred's surname without bursting out laughing.

Winter Games[]

In episode 84, starting at 8:27, Fred is mentioned in the episode when the Nerd is talking about the non-responsive controls in the game, he says that maybe it was "Fred Fucks" that designed the controls for the ice skating game.

Star Wars[]

In episode 99 at the 16:09 mark of this episode, The Nerd is making a negative commenting on a popup window of an 8-bit photo of a programmer's face saying "I wish it was Fred Fucks!"

Schwarzenegger Games[]

In episode 107 at the 4:31 mark, the Nerd is commenting about the cinema area in the game Total Recall. He notes that the movie shown there is just the game credits and than he says "I miss Fred Fucks!"


In episode 121, at the 12:52 mark, the Nerd is reading the LJN welcome letter while it's shown on screen. The letter is signed by Fred Fucks.

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi[]

After seeing the Tusken Raider "Hoar" in the game, the Nerd decided to come up with his own fighter: an Ithorian with a chainsaw named "Fuchs".

The Town With No Name[]

When an in-game character is shot and killed, the Nerd makes a comment on the excessive amount of blood, in which The Nerd replies with "For Fred Fuchs' sake!"

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures[]

After the Witch punishes the 4 Ghosts for not getting Pac-Man, At the 3:59 Mark, The Nerd questions what the Ghost’s eyes are supposed to be since it looked like “FF”, to then he says “Fred Fuchs” as a guess of it being an acronym

LJN History and Movie Games[]

When the Nerd is looking at the Certificate to own LJN, it's signed by Fred Fuchs

LJN Wrestling and Other Games[]

Fred Fuchs can be seen in the credits showing all the guest stars


In Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures series, he sends his minions such as the video game monsters like a hemisphere minion in the tutorial level, zombies, ghosts, bats, and other video game enemies inside the Game Land, as well as the dangerous minions who being encountered in five different worlds in the sequel.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures[]


Fred as he appears in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Fred Fucks first appears as a full-fledged character on the Nerd cast as the boss in Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts, he is the final boss of the entire game and as the main antagonist. He is the very programmer of Game Land and purposely sucked the Nerd and his friends into said Game Land just to show them what it feels like to be in a shitty game.

There, after the Nerd beats all that is behind him, Fred, who was simply an anonymous voice at the time, mocks and is slightly impressed by the Nerd's determination, skill, and will to get as far as he did. When the programmer reveals himself, the two eject into battle, with Fred donning a handless jetpack, flying around the arena.

Fred's attacks include spewing fire balls out of his bare hands, spawning chained maces swing about on his crotch (which he refers to them as his "balls"), and defecating, using his turds like dropped bombs, thanks to his uncontrollable bowels. After the player finally evades all of these attacks and pumps enough Nintendo Zapper lead into Fred, he is "killed" and Game Land falls apart due to the death of its programmer.

His appearance in the game is unlike that in real life, as it consists of short and spiky brown hair, a beard, jeans, glasses, and a T-shirt with "FF" on it. It was later confirmed in the documentary video that Sam Beddoes, the game developer, provided his likeness for Fred Fucks.[1]

Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe[]


A revamped sprite of Fred Fucks in Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe.

In Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe, Fred Fucks' sprite appearance has been revamped, providing his likeness to Gilbert Gottfried as well as his personality seen in Life of the Black Tiger. He returns as a minor antagonist in the Deluxe Version of The Angry Video Game Nerd II ASSimilation replacing the Nostalgia Critic. [2] He carries a rifle throughout the game. In this version, Fred Fucks built an ultimate computer known as Fuckatron 9000 to make an ultimate shitty game, but it went nuts and instead turn the whole world into shitty game by using it's satellite and scattered the pieces of the Fucks' Capacitor across certain areas and send some minions to stop The Nerd from foiling Fred's nefarious plan. Fred must find all the pieces of the Fucks' Capacitor before the Nerd obtains it. In the end, he accidentally kills himself by the bomb he carried.

Life of Black Tiger[]


Fred Fucks physically appears in the AVGN episode Life of Black Tiger, portrayed by the late Gilbert Gottfried, who was best known as the voice of Iago from Disney's Aladdin. He is a programmer at 1Games, which, in this episode, is located in the jungles of Asia.

After the Nerd described the problems presented in the PS4 port of the mobile game, he decides to travel to Asia to find Fred. While there, Fred points his gun at the Nerd, threatening to shoot a hole on him. It is revealed that he soaked his clothes in tiger urine. He also made a company computer made of coconuts, bamboo and hyena feces.

The two played the game on a PS4 Poo, which Fred also made, commentating on the game's levels and problems. It was also revealed that he made a sex scene between the titular black tiger and the female tiger in the alpha build of the game but the ratings board rejected it. He also had been urinated by a stack of buffalo more times than he could remember.

After finishing the game, the Nerd filmed a commercial featuring Mr. Rigs and Fred, ending the episode.



Frederic S. Fuchs, the inspiration for Fred Fucks

  • The last name Fuchs is an actual German surname and means "fox". It is pronounced to rhyme with "books".