The title card for the episode.

Frankenstein is the 58th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It is part 2 of a Halloween special (part 1 being Dracula). It first aired on October 28, 2008. It guest stars Mike Matei as Franken-Nerd.


Before the opening credits, the Nerd says that since he has tortured himself enough with shitty games, he has created a monster to do it for him. He names it Franken-Nerd. He pulls the switch and lightning strikes, giving Franken-Nerd life. The opening credits then roll. Immediately after, the Nerd is showing Franken-Nerd what a game is. He puts the game, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, into the console. He hands Franken-Nerd the controller and instructs him to press start. Franken-Nerd plays it for a little while, until he gets frustrated. He raises his arms like he is going to attack the Nerd, but the Nerd says he'll put a different game in. The game is The Adventures of Dr. Franken. The monster in that game is wearing a pare of sunglasses, so the Nerd puts a pair on Franken-Nerd. Franken-Nerd loses his temper with the game and chokes the Nerd. The Nerd pulls on the bolts sticking out of Franken-Nerd's neck, which knocks him out. The Nerd decides to finish the review on his own. The first thing he wonders is about the passport in the game. It reads F. Bone. He wonders if it stands for Frankenbone, and if Dr. Franken is supposed to be the doctor or the monster. The Nerd can't stop dying. He has a big life bar, but it depletes faster than it should. He is finished with Adventures and puts in Frankenstein: The Monster Returns. The very first thing he notices is that the cartridge says Frankenstein: The Monster Returns, but the title screen simply says Frankenstein. He says that the graphics are pretty good for NES, and reminds you of Castlevania. When he gets to the end of stage 1, he fights a boss called the Reaper. Then, a bird comes and takes him back to the beginning of the stage. He has to beat it again and is surprised and angry to find out that he has to fight the Reaper again. When he does get to stage 2, he talks to a guy who tells him about a monster he has to fight. Right after, he sees the monsters and complains about how it lacks any build up. After he defeats the monsters, he goes to a swamp and has to jump on lily pads. If he misses one, he has to fight a merman. He cannot defeat the merman, so he puts a password to get to stage 3. After he completes stage 3, he goes to the final stage. He has to fight the classic monsters (Wolfman, Dracula, etc.) before fighting Frankenstein. He has to swing on vines, which he can't get past even with a Game Genie. He finally gets to Frankenstein. He defeats his first form easily, but then Frankenstein grows to immense size. As he is fighting, lightning strikes Franken-Nerd's lifeless body, bringing him back to life. He attacks the Nerd, who is determined to win this game. When the Nerd defeats Frankenstein in the game, a surge of electricity goes through the console and causes the TV to explode. Franken-Nerd is presumably killed in the blast.

The Nerd's Attire

His normal shirt is unbuttoned to resemble a lab coat and he has a white T-shirt underneath.

Games Reviewed