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"But unfortunately, I can't shut off the game 'cause the monster's in my soul."
The Nerd

The Franken-Nerd.

Franken-Nerd is a character who appears in the Angry Video Game Nerd episode Frankenstein. It is based primarily on the fictitious monster from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus. He is played by Mike Matei and voiced by James Rolfe, who did a Boris Karloff impression.


Franken-Nerd was created by the Angry Video Game Nerd as an attempt to pass on the role of reviewing bad games to someone else so that he doesn't have to. At first, it did the job without any problems, but later, it turned against the Nerd and attempted to strangle him after getting stuck in The Adventures of Dr. Franken. However, the Nerd, having been prepared for any attack from Franken-Nerd, managed to shut it down by pulling at a power socket located on its neck.

Later, as the Nerd was facing the final boss in Frankenstein: The Monster Returns, Franken-Nerd was revived when a lightning bolt hit it, and proceeded to strangle the Nerd once more. Despite this, the Nerd persevered and proceeded to beat the boss, causing the television device to explode as a result. It is assumed that Franken-Nerd was killed in the explosion.