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The AVGN Wiki's editors are here to provide detailed information about the fandom. Having a consistent format across all Articles and Transcripts make that information easier to understand.

If an editor breaks a Formatting Rule, they will be warned, and possibly punished. Even if an editor is given a serious punishment or warning from an Admin, they can redeem themselves by showing an understanding of where they went wrong and changing accordingly.

Editors will be given the benefit of the doubt. Admins will assume that a person did not intend any harm. An honest mistake is understandable and we will still want you to be a part of the AVGN Wiki community of editors. This is called "assuming good faith".

If an editor does not show remorse or change their behaviour after making a mistake, they WILL be blocked for repeated rule-breaking.

By following the rules, it will help everyone, editor and viewer, understand the content we're trying to create. They make everyone's job easier, and may even encourage readers to edit the Wiki, too!

General Guidelines

These rules can apply to either Articles or Transcripts, so be sure to keep these things in mind as you edit.

  1. Use proper names when creating new Articles or Transcripts. Avoid nicknames for character Articles. When in doubt, check to see what the episode's official title is.
  2. "Nerd" (capital "N", it's a proper noun) or alternatively, "the Nerd", is the name of the main character in "The Angry Video Game Nerd" series. The abbreviation "AVGN" refers to the series title.
  3. Correct:
    The Nerd often drinks Rolling Rock beer.
    (Shit Pickle bounces against Nerd's shoulder.)
    AVGN often drinks Rolling Rock beer.
  4. Be sure to distinguish between In-Character (IC) names and Out-of-Character (OOC) names. "Nerd" and "James Rolfe" are not the same person.
  5. Correct:
    (Guitar Guy pops up from behind the couch.)
    (Kyle Justin pops up from behind the couch.)
  6. When talking about a game publisher, game developer, or the title of a game or gaming console, use italics as emphasis. This also applies to movie titles or the proper names of objects.
  7. Example:
    Super Mario Bros. is a game made by Nintendo for the NES.
    James T. Kirk is the captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.
  8. If you wish to use a short form of a name, use the full version of a name at least once per Article section or Transcript.
  9. Example 1:
    The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (often abbreviated as SNES) was very popular. The SNES had a very large library of games.
    Example 2:
    Guitar Guy: Enough of this shit!
    Nerd: Enough of this fucking shit!
  10. If necessary, make notes in [square brackets] for clarifications or error corrections. Adding an "Errors" section at the bottom of a Transcript is also acceptable, but not required.
  11. Example 1:
    McKids is nothing more than an advertising vehicle, much like games such as Yo! Noid and 7-11 Spot [he means "Cool Spot", a 7-Up sponsored NES game].
    Example 2:
    See the Errors section of this page: Transcript_of_2011_AVGN_Episode_Dark_Castle
  12. NO CENSORSHIP. We're all mature people here. There is no point to censoring what the Nerd says when he says "fuck" almost constantly. Editors who censor will be temporarily blocked. Editors who continue to censor will be permanently blocked.
  13. AVOID WIKIPEDIA LINKS. Wikipedia pages are constantly changing, and submissions are automatically accepted rather than carefully being curated. What information might be there today could be gone tomorrow. If you're providing a link to information on a game, please use the Gaming History website. You may also wish to contribute information to that project, if you have the time.
  14. Correct:
    Double Dragon was an awesome game!
    Double Dragon was an awesome game!

Transcript Rules

These rules only apply to Transcripts. It's particularly important to review these rules, because Transcripts can be very long and difficult to make clear. These rules will hopefully make the difficult task of creating Transcripts easier.

  1. When creating a new Transcript page, use this format for the title: "Transcript of [Year] AVGN Episode [Episode Title]"
  2. Example:
    "Transcript of 2013 AVGN Episode Ikari Warriors"
  3. List the name of every character that speaks before writing down what they say. This DOES apply to in-game text lines as well as in-game voiced lines. Narrative lines and unnamed characters with lines, whether or not they're named later, also must be noted. Put the name or brief description of the character in bold with a colon at the end. NOTE: The only exception to this rule is when the Nerd is the only one who has lines in the entire episode.
  4. Example (named character):
    Nerd: Fuckfarts!
    Example (narration):
    (A box pops up in-game, saying "WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE".)
    Example (unnamed character):
    (A small green-skinned man with pointy ears appears on-screen over the game's glitchy graphics.)
    Small Green Man: Hahaha! Good day to you, Nerd, how are you? Good day, sir!
    (The small green man identifies himself.)
    Glitch Gremlin: As you know, I'm the Glitch Gremlin! And, I've got glitches in me britches for you, Nerd!
  5. Make note of when the AVGN theme plays in italicized brackets. Give credit to the original musician if a remix or instrumental variation is used. Optionally, leave a link to the song on the AVGN Wiki's Angry Video Game Nerd Songs Article.
  6. Examples:
    (The AVGN Theme plays.)
    (The full version of The AVGN Theme plays.)
    (The AVGN Theme remix by Cusimo & Co. plays.)
    (The Angry Nintendo Nerd Theme plays.)
  7. Do not add extra characters or punctuation to words, even when the word is spoken or shouted for a very long time. This is for clarity's sake, to help those who may not know the English language well, and for text-to-speech readers that fans of The Angry Video Game Nerd series may use for web pages.
  8. Correct:
    Nerd: ASS!
    Nerd: What the shit?!
    Nerd: What the shit!?
    Nerd: ASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
    Nerd: What the shit????!!!!!!
  9. Describe actions that are necessary to understand the Transcript in italicized brackets. Very short actions or descriptions of a characters' mood can share a line with spoken lines. Long actions should be placed before or after spoken lines for readability.
  10. Correct:
    Nerd: (Angrily) Take THAT, game!
    (The Nerd smashes the game on the ground and takes a shit on it.)
    Nerd: Take THAT, game!
    Nerd: (The Nerd smashes the game on the ground and takes a shit on it.) Take THAT, game!
  11. DO NOT CREATE WALLS OF TEXT. They can make things very difficult to read, especially in the Mobile version of Wikia. Try to keep paragraphs 3 to 7 sentences long and divide paragraphs when the subject matter changes. This rule can be loosened for when the Nerd is making a very long rant.

  12. DO NOT REPLACE EMPHASIS. Do not put in a different kind of emphasis from what was originally there. It's a waste of time to make words bold instead of italic, capitalized instead of bold and italic, or replacing exclamation points with periods. It's a subjective thing that can't please everyone. In short, ADDING emphasis where there was none before can be good. REPLACING emphasis is a waste of time.

  13. DO NOT CITE RUMOURS IN ARTICLES ABOUT REAL PEOPLE. It's pointless to do so, and only possibly belongs in a Trivia section of the Article, since it can't be confirmed through fact-checking. Feel free to discuss these things in the Forums, but the Wiki is devoted to facts.

If you have questions or criticisms about any rule, feel free to discuss potential changes on the Formatting Rules' Comments or send a message to me personally. Llirium