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Dr. Gonzo is a supporting character in the Fear and Loathing in Vegas Stakes episode. He mostly serves as the main antagonist of the episode.

In AVGN episode[]

He is seen at the beginning where The Nerd as Raoul Duke driving a car on the way to Vegas while Gonzo is playing Shaq Fu on the Game Boy.

During the flashbacks, he was seen that the Nerd confronted by him, he had to wear a Hawalian shirt, snglasses and hat to make him to harm his old-school nerd anger. Later on, Nerd as Raoul Duke is playing Shaq Fu on Nintendo Game Boy that he said it sucked, but Gonzo gave him a Retro Duo Portable to review Road Runner's Death Valley Rally on Super Nintendo, he saw Spider-Man passed by, Gonzo decided to give him for the lift.