Custer's Revenge is a video game for the Atari 2600. In it, you control Custer to rape a woman. It was reviewed in the episode Atari Porn. Custer also appears in AVGN Adventures as one of the bosses.


Due to the image of rape, the game offended many people. The game was never adveritised nor widely promoted unlike many mainstream Atari games. Custer's Revenge was sold in a manner akin to banned books, whereas you needed to ask an employee when no other customers were present, to which he would sell it "under the counter". Minors were prohibited from buying the game, which further limited sales. Mystique, the defunct software designer who produced the game, said that gamers who had kids and asked what the gameplay was about or the box art were told to say to their kids that the man and woman "are dancing". Due to a combination of all of the above factors, the game was sold in very limited quantities in the United States in 1981.

An arcade cabinet that reads Custer's Revenge can be seen in an episode of South Park. In actuality, the game never had an arcade debut.


Custer in a desert with spears falling down that kill you. You dodge the lightning to get to the girl and you earn points for having sex with her.

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