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Cooper Folly


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The Angry Video Game Nerd's best friend and assistant
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Cooper Folly is a fictional character and second male lead in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. In the movie Cooper is portrayed as the best friend and loyal fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd. He works with the Nerd in the video game store GameCops in sales. In the movie Cooper is known on the internet as the "Super Rad Video Game Dude". Cooper is portrayed in the movie by Jeremy Suarez, who portrayed the young son Jordan in The Bernie Mac Show, and who also voiced the bear cub Koda in the Walt Disney animated film Brother Bear and its sequel Brother Bear 2.


  • Originally, in the script, Cooper's character was supposed to be 18 years old, however this detail was changed in the final film, where he was 25. In real life the actor portraying Cooper, Jeremy Suarez, was 21 years old while filming.
  • In the final script for Angry Video Gaem Nerd: The Movie, as well as the storyboards made for the film, Cooper was a young Chinese man. There is a line in the final script that references this, when Dark Onward says "Listen here Aladdin" and the Nerd says "But he's Chinese?"
  • Cooper's last name, Folly, is never mentioned or shown in the film, and is only referenced in the final script for Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie in his character's introduction, though not in any dialogue.