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The Commodore Amiga CD32 was a console made by Commodore. It was released in Canada and Europe in 1993, and was supposed to be released in the United States the next year, but this never happened because the company would have to pay $100,000 in patent royalties to do so, and on top of that, they went out of business 8 months into production. The console cost $400 dollars, which also contributed to the failure.

2018 AVGN Episode[]

For the transcript, see Transcript of 2018 AVGN Episode Amiga CD32

The video starts with The Angry Video Game Nerd talking about the downfall of Commodore since the Commodore 64. After declining sales in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Commodore decided to dive into the console market, first with the CDTV, which was a failure, and then with the CD32.

After struggling to plug in the CD32 into the already crowded surge protector, since he had to adapt the European plug into a US plug and move stuff around since the adaptor was huge. He realizes that the controller is so oddly shaped that at first he turned it upside down, and the power button was in the back.

When he finally turns it on, the startup screen shows, but not the game he loaded onto the disc. Turns out the disc catch was probably broken, so he used a paint can to push it down.

The first game he plays is "Dangerous Streets", where he comments about the confusing controller of the CD32, and the game's poor character design and naming, saying that both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat had better fighters with memorable names like Ryu or Scorpion, but Dangerous Streets had original characters with bad names, including one that was "born in Pennsylvania". He comments on the funny accent of the announcer. On top of that, he kept winning.

Next, he plays Super Putty, where he comments about if you don't push start, you are forced to do a demo. When you play, you eat babies or else they explode.

Afterwards, he plays Morph, which is a puzzle platformer with horrifying cutscenes.

Then, he plays Naughty Ones, which is also a puzzle platformer.

Then, he plays Beavers, which is just an ass game about beavers.

Then he plays some of the memorial games on the CD32: Gloom, a first person shooter game; Diggers and Oscar, Bubba & Stix, Surf Ninjas, Kang Fu, and Zool, before realizing the console is a piece of shit. He wonders why the game warns you not to play track 1 of the CD on a normal CD player, and concludes this is because track 1 is the game file and the rest of the CD is the soundtrack. He then throws out the CD32.

The Town with No Name[]

In "The Town with No Name" episode, he realizes he doesn't have a CDTV to play the game, so he reluctantly retrieves the CD32 from his dumpster.

At the end of this episode, he burns the CD32 with a flamethrower until its battery explodes.