10)Commodore 64
"It was one of the best-selling home computers from the 80s."
The Angry Video Game Nerd

Commodore 64 was one of the most popular and best-selling home computers of the 80's. It had a vast library of games available in floppy disk and cassette tape formats. During the Great Video Game Crash of 1983, Commodore attempted to break into the market which had mostly been lost to Atari. Commodore also had an earlier system called the VIC-20. The first to review was Superman: The Man of Steel which was nearly beforehand on the Superman 64 episode. He also reviews Transformers as a cassette tape cartridge add-on.

In the Dracula-themed episode, the Nerd is seen reviewing a game for the VIC-20 called The Count, which was made by Scott Adams who had programmed a series of "Adventure" games that involved mapping and typing as opposed to making a character fight. It also made numerous appearances of the Commodore 64 mocking itself as a PC/computer, with reviews of AVGN Games and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

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