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"Sorry to break it to you Nerd, but you're dead, you're fucked! F-U-C-T, fucked!"


Violator (Clown) is an antagonist who originally appeared in the Spawn series. In the Spawn series, he's a demon who encourages Spawn to do horrible acts in order lead Malebolgia's army. He can transform into a monster named Violator. He appears in the Spawn Games episode, where he keeps giving the Nerd cheat codes to Spawn games to set him up. He and the Nerd duel by playing Spawn: In the Demon's Hand. Clown loses as he's sent to a place worse than hell, the set for Rental Reviews. Like his comic counterpart, he's repulsive, vulgar, a jokester, and makes references. He's played by writer and editor, Justin Silverman.

Spawn Games[]


Clown in his "Violator" form

After the events of Immortal games where the Nerd is killed by the dragon, he meets Clown where the Nerd tells him that he has to play five Spawn games to leave hell. But if he fails, he'll have to be stuck in the world of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He sends him to the Nerd room where he gives him the first game. Throughout the episode when the Nerd is having issues with a game, Clown comes in and offers him cheat codes. The Nerd uses all the cheat codes for all five games, being a bit hesitant at first. When the Nerd finds out that he needs two players to get the good ending in Spawn: In the Demon's Hand, Violator offers to help him. The Nerd and Clown beat the game as he gives him the last game, Spawn Armageddon. When the Nerd finishes and confronts Malebolgia, Clown shows him that the Nerd used cheat codes, tricking the Nerd. Malebolgia becomes frustrated with the Nerd and offers one final challenge. The Nerd and Clown must face each other in Spawn: In the Demon's Hand. The winner can be sent to back to Earth, and the loser will be sent to a place worse than hell. Malebolgia gives them two other players to keep it fair, who are Bugs Bunny and R.O.B the Robot. The Nerd defeats Clown as Clown's sent to the set of Rental Reviews. Tony sees him and offers him to both review Spawn the movie but in a fit of rage, Clown transforms into Violator as he crashes out of the store.