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Cinemassacre Animated is a webseries consisting of short videos, roughly a minute long each. Featuring audio segments from other Cinemassacre shows set to lively animations, the videos are done by different animators and are hosted on the Cinemassacre YouTube channel. The series began in late 2016, and since then new animations have been released roughly once every month to two months. In the video descriptions, Mike invites anyone interested in animating a segment to contact him via e-mail.


Name Release date Animated by Based on
Game Over Worm (with JonTron) November 14, 2016 DoopieDoOver James & Mike Mondays Ep. 92: "3-D WorldRunner (NES)"
Everything's a Skull December 13, 2016 GrittySugar James & Mike Mondays Ep. 79: "Mega Man 2 (NES) Part 2"
AVGN Anime Transformation February 7, 2017 Channy & Kimberly Original short
Super Shits and Scythes February 22, 2017 Exit 73 Studios James & Mike Mondays Ep. 69: "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SNES) Part 1"
Medusa Heads April 3, 2017 Platanoz Studios The Angry Video Game Nerd Ep. 79: "Castlevania (NES)"
AVGN Zelda II June 18, 2017 Exit 73 Studios The Angry Video Game Nerd Ep. 93: "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES)"
NES Batman July 25, 2017 KLN James & Mike Mondays Ep. 59: "Batman: The Video Game (NES) Part 1"
Beefy October 15, 2017 BrainstormAlex James & Mike Mondays Ep. 189: "Abobo's Big Adventure (PC) Part 1"
Donkey Kong and Dogs November 25, 2017 Alanphabetology James & Mike Mondays Ep. 132: "Donkey Kong Country (SNES)"
AVGN Anime Part 2 November 27, 2017 Channy & Kimberly Original short