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Casper in The Possessed Mask of Snix.

Casper was James Rolfe's first car he owned. It was a white 1989 Chevrolet Corsica with a custom black vinyl roof. Casper appeared in a few of James's home movies including Jersey Odysseys: Legend of the Blue Hole, The Possessed Mask of Snix and finally Mechanical Losses.

In The Possessed Mask of Snix, Casper is used as a weapon against Snix. James puts the Snix mask on the driveway and runs over it with Casper.

In Jersey Odysseys, Casper is driven by the main character into a forest before getting stuck partway in a puddle, due to the Corsica being front-wheel drive. The man mysteriously dissappears and all that was found of him were his shoes and Casper, still stuck partway in the puddle.

Casper II

Casper stuck in a puddle in Jersey Odysseys: Legend of the Blue Hole.

Casper's last and final appearance was in James's 2004 home movie, Mechanical Losses. Casper's last drive is to a Saturn dealership. During the journey, James reminises about the fun he had with Casper such as driving around the Pine Barrens. After parking Casper at the dealership, James goes inside where a graduation present in the form of a then-brand new 2004 Saturn Ion is waiting below a banner saying "CONGRATULATIONS, JAMES!!!". Casper is seen one last time in the reflection of the rear-view mirror of the Saturn as James drives away. While driving away from the dealership, James says that he felt so sad leaving Casper behind but the new car was like shedding old skin.

9 days later, James was in a head-on collision with a 24 foot trailer that had detached from it's truck, swung out into the highway and came right at him. James wasn't hurt, but the Saturn was completely destroyed. A montage of the wreckage set to thrash metal ends with a black-and-white zoom out on Casper's rear end from when he was at the dealership.

Next, Casper is shown from a distance in the Pine Barrens from Jersey Odysseys being zoomed in on with cross-disolves as James says "Well... cars can be replaced, but people can't." The video ends with text reading "In Memory of Casper... and the unnamed Saturn Ion."

It is unknown what happened to Casper after James got the Saturn or even where Casper is now. It was either scrapped like James said or sold to someone as a used car.