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Brutal Chex

Lethal Cereal

First Appearance
Chex Quest (PC)

Brutal Chex is an extremely lethal and fictional cereal that appears in the ending of the episode Chex Quest. At the ending, the Nerd decides that if you were to play a brutal game like Chex Quest, you should have a brutal cereal with it.

He uses his device to turn the normal Chex cereal box into the Brutal Chex box. This cereal is basically Chex, but on (illegal) steroids. The cereal is made with broken glass, rusty nails, and whole grain rice. It also has calcium from fallen angel wings.

Brutal Chex is known to be the only cereal that has been eaten by both God and Satan. This cereal also turns your milk red from your blood coming out of your mouth.

The "General Mills" tag on the upper left corner of the box is replaced with "General Kills" and the lower corner has the poison symbol on it, indicating that it isn't safe for eating.