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Bootsy as he appears in "Bootsy Beats...Battletoads (NES) Part 1"

Brendan Castner, better known by his nickname Bootsy Spankins, P.I., is an American actor, singer and record producer. He appears in the Board James series as Bad Luck Bootsy, a character with whom James and Motherfucker Mike are reluctant to play board games as Bootsy is a jinx who frequently hurts himself and messes up the games. Bootsy also writes, records, and produces the songs heard in episodes under his musician pseudonym Bootsy Spankins, P.I. with the exclusion of the Dream Phone episode where his friend Sam Tacon sung the vocals. Additionally Bootsy has recorded five EPs under his pseudonym; these can be obtained through Bandcamp

Though the Bootsy character in Board James is a jinx, the real Bootsy is notorious for being a very skilled gamer and has beaten many difficult video games. As of 8/02/2016, Bootsy holds several unofficial high score records for Atari 2600 games, as well as many top ten entries, over at JVGS 2600 high score list. 

He also appears as himself in thirteen of the James & Mike Mondays episodes ("Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!", "James Bond 007: Nightfire", "Anticipation", "Super Monkey Ball 2" "Back to the Future Part III", "Maniac Mansion", "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Team Showdown", "California Games", "Super Mario X-mas ReKringled & Toyshop Trouble", "Excitebike 64", "Krazy Kreatures", "Mario Kart 64", and "Silver Surfer"). This makes Bootsy the most recurring guest star in the James & Mike Mondays series. 

Bootsy had a short-lived series on Cinemassacre called Bootsy Beats... where he gives detailed walkthroughs on how to beat hard games (so far he has only done "Battletoads") and also plays games with Mike Matei in Mike & Bootsy, a spin-off of James & Mike Mondays.  


  • Songs
  • "Tornado Rex"
  • "Shark Attack"
  • "Dream Phone" (featuring Sam Tacon)