Boo in his first appearance, NES Accessories.
"Hey! Get down!"

Boo is the Angry Video Game Nerd's pet cat who has roles in some episodes of the series, namely NES Accessories and Jaguar: Part 2. He is a male, black cat. Boo is also the real life pet owned by the creator of the series, James Rolfe. He has another snow-white cat named Yeti, who has yet to appear in any episodes.

NES Accessories

Boo is featured in this episode as a minor character. He is first seen trying to get at the flying ducks in Duck Hunt. Despite the Nerd telling Boo to get off, he continues, likely causing the Nerd to miss the birds and the dog to laugh at him.

When the Nerd talks about the Power Pad, he mentionins that household pets would use it as a bathroom. Boo is seen pawing at the Power Pad next to what appears to be a urine puddle.

Later, after the Nerd points out that the Rolling Rocker is said not to work if you're over 100 pounds, he picks Boo up and plops him onto the accessory to help him test it. Shortly afterwards, he gets off, the Nerd assuming Boo's thinking, "Fuck that shit!".

Jaguar: Part 2

When the Atari Jaguar cube emerged from the TV screen and the Nerd runs out of ammo, the Nerd sends Boo after the cube. After a pretty long chase, Boo ends up chasing the cube out of the Nerd's room.

Boo is later seen witnessing the Nerd defecate on the toilet-resembling Jaguar CD. Likely disgusted by the event, Boo runs away.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

At the very end of the episode where the Nerd is smashing\blowing everything up in his room, he suddenly falls to the floor and turns into a cat (Boo). This is a reference to the music video for the Michael Jackson song, "Black or White" where Michael turns into a panther after he smashes windows, destroys a car and causes a building to explode. 

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Near the end of the episode, where the Nerd is finding out how fast you can go in reverse in Big Rigs, he struggles to bear the very high pitched noise. Boo is seen looking at the screen. When the Nerd flies backwards from the instant stop and crashes, Boo looks in shock.


  • In the part where Boo chases the Jaguar cube, a laser pointer was used to get Boo to chase after it, which is how the scene was created. The laser dot can be seen as the cube moves around the floor.
  • He is never directed to by name in the series, instead being addressed to as "cat", "little bastard", or "death kitty".
  • Boo makes a short appearance in the Board James review of Weapons and Warriors, chasing after plastic balls and disturbing Motherfucker Mike's focus as he tries to play the game.

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