Llirium wrote:
Dunno why you're a fan of AVGN if you think screaming like a stupid person is a bad thing...

Yeah, but i can´t stand Nostalgia Critic. Like i said before, the first minutes of his pilot episode was just about him going apeshit and talking nonsense. Maybe i was too afraid that the rest of the videos were similar that i didn´t try to watch them.I´m sure his following seasons are better but i´m just too lazy to watch them. Also, i don´t like how he calls Space Jam a commercial bullshit(It´s the funniest movie i ever saw as a kid) I know it because i read the transcript of the episode in his wikia but i didn´t watched the video so i couldn´t hear his annoying voice. I don´t want to watch either his review for Pókemon: The Movie; because i don´t want to hear how he insults the film. Come on, Doug, it´s not a masterpiece but it´s entertaining.

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