"You've been warned!! Get 'em Jimmy!"
—Bimmy face to face with the Nerd
Bimmy and Jimmy

Bimmy and Jimmy

Portrayed by
First Appearance
Friday the 13th NES Review (Jimmy),
A Nightmare on Elm Street Review (Bimmy)

Bimmy and Jimmy are characters in the game, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. It is Freddy Krueger's floating glove and Jason Voorhees.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Both characters are the main bosses in the level Boo! Haunted House. Throughout the level, Freddy's glove is constantly taunting to you, along with Jason Voorhees backing him up. However, to avoid copyright infringement and make references to Double Dragon III's infamous typo (instead of calling the characters Billy and Jimmy, it's Bimmy and Jimmy), Freddy is called Bimmy and Jason is called Jimmy.

Jimmy rushes to the player left and right to attack the player with his chainsaw, while Bimmy swoops in with his hand in a figure-8 pattern.

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