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Bad Luck Bootsy

Bad Luck Bootsy

Portrayed by
Brendan Castner (2010-present)
Board Game player
Character's First Appearance
Tornado Rex
Latest Appearance

Brendan "Bootsy" Castner, otherwise known as Bad Luck Bootsy, is the tritagonist of the Board James series. As his name suggests, he is a jinx and a frequent cause of bad luck during the episodes, either hurting himself or someone else, ruining or destroying the game. It's because of this that Board James and Motherfucker Mike are normally reluctant to play games with Bootsy. He says that he won't mess up anything to persuade James and Mike to let him play, but by the end of the episode, he's fucked something up, usually destroying the game. 


Bootsy makes his first appearance in Episode 9, Tornado Rex, asking James and Mike if he can play the game with them. The two insult him; however, Bootsy still joins. By the end of the episode, Bootsy ends up having his right eye stabbed by the Tornado Rex spinning top, causing him to have an eyepatch in later episodes.

Bootsy then makes appearances in almost all episodes after with the exception of Episode 13, Loopin' Louie, Episode 20, Omega Virus, and Episode 21, Lie Detector Game. For the latter two, his absence is due to his having been killed by the "Dream Phone" in Episode 19, which may have actually been James.

In Episode 22, Ouija, James attempts to contact the spirits of Mike and Bootsy, in which he slits his wrist in order to enter the Ouija game world, where he meets Bootsy reincarnated as Rodney Dangerfield along with Mike reincarnated as Elvis Presley.

In Episode 24, Full House and Urkel Games, Bootsy (along with Mike) is revived by Board James. It's then revealed that both Mike and Bootsy are hallucinations only seen and heard by James, as they suddenly disappear from the world entirely, leaving James by himself.

Bootsy appears once again in the final two episodes (13 Dead End Drive and NIGHTMARE). At the end of NIGHTMARE, Bootsy's fate is left unknown after James' death in the game of Battleship.

Bootsy also has a cameo in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2: ASSimilation where he is stabbed to death alongside Motherfucker Mike by Board James as the Nerd stumbles across James killing them.


Bootsy has worn many different outfits throughout the series, but typically wears a hat, a shorter-sleeved shirt and jeans. From Episode 9 to 22, Bootsy wore an eyepatch over his right eye due to his injury from the Tornado Rex game. In Episode 16, Bootsy's face (minus his eyes, mouth and ears) is wrapped in bandages after having his face scalded by coffee in Episode 12 from the Donut Disaster game. In Episode 18, he wears a red and white striped swimsuit and is seen briefly at the end with a hook sticking out his trunks after the shark bites his penis off. During Episode 26, Bootsy was briefly shown wearing a suit and tie after being reincarnated as Rodney Dangerfield.


Bootsy, as his full name would suggest, is a major jinx, often bringing bad luck to any game he plays or any situation he's in. He's very clumsy as well, often messing up setups of games due to something within the game itself (such as being "blinded" by the Urkel glasses in Episode 24) or by his need to be extreme (such as using a leafblower to play Wacky Blasters in Episode 23). In Episode 18, Shark Attack, Bootsy is revealed to be a zoophiliac, admitting to having sex with a dolphin outright to James and Mike, then by the end of the episode, showing romantic and sexual interest in the shark toy for the game they were playing (In Episode 19, Dream Phone, while James and Bootsy were talking on the phone to each other, Bootsy mentions how he got his penis bit off by a shark, suggesting he attempted to have sexual intercourse with the shark toy from the prior episode).