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Back to the Future is the name of a 1989 video game developed by Beam Software and published by LJN for the NES. The game is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name.


The game is a side view arcade adventure. The aim of the game is to get Marty McFly to the end of each level while dodging numerous obstacles such as bees. The more time Marty spends in each level the more the photograph at the bottom of the screen fades away. If the photo fades completely, Marty instantly dies so the player must collect clocks to survive. Oddly, there is a time limit on each entire level which isn't replenished by clocks.

The player can find various stages such as Lou's ice cream, the school, the prom, and the DeLorean. He also can find a skateboard to move around quickly during the level.

Back to the Future Parts II & III[]

Back to the Future Part II & III is a 1990 video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System based on the last two films in the trilogy of the same name. The game was produced by Beam Software and distributed by LJN. This was only the first 2 Back to the Future movies to have a NES video game.

AVGN episode[]

The sixth episode, was released on July 21, 2006, and as a result, this is the first review to feature multiple games.

On the DVD, the clips from the first Back to the Future film were edited out.

The nerd also revisits Back to the Future and Back to the Future Parts II and III with Back to the Future Re-Revisited 4 years later. Other games were reviewed in this revisited episode were Back to the Future III on Sega Genesis and Super Back to the Future II on Super Famicom (But the Super Famicom game was not reviewed in detail).

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