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Bachelorette Party is a video game for the Atari 2600. The game is a simplified version of Breakout where the "ball" is made to look like a nude woman and the "bricks" are made to look like nude men and the woman bounces back and forth sideways rather than vertically. On the left, she is repelled by a man with whom she collides and subsequently eliminates from play, or by the opposing wall. On the right, a vertical platform (said to be "Spanish Fly" in the manual) returns the depleted bachelorette to the room full of men. The right platform is controlled by the player using a paddle controller.

The premise is that of a bachelorette having her final fling with a room full of inexplicably nude men. The equally unclothed bachelorette is propelled repeatedly into the room of men by a "Spanish Fly" used as the player's paddle. When she returns from having collided with (and presumably "scored" with) a man or after hitting the opposing wall, their penises sag. they return to erect when the bachelorette is successfully set moving again toward the left.

A second version of the game, titled Bachelor Party, also exists. It has no difference in gameplay, but has the game sprites reversed: The player now uses his or her paddle to bounce a naked man toward naked women. It was reviewed by the Nerd in the episode Atari Porn.