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Bebe's Kids

Title card for the episode.

Bébé's Kids is an episode of The Nostalgia Critic. The Nostalgia Critic reviewed a game because the Nerd challenged him to do so at the end of The Battle of Epic Proportions.



The episode begins with the Angry Video Game Critic mocking the Nerd. To help the people who don't know what Bébé's Kids is, he informs us. He then puts the game in and begins to play. It starts off with the characters entering an amusement park called Fun World. He can either play as a boy (Kahlil) or a girl (LaShawn). He chooses the boy. The first thing he notices is the sign. He spends a little bit of time analyzing it then gets mad at himself for wasting time to do that. He notices two amusement park workers and decides to move on, as they are not bothering him. But the screen will not let him leave until he kills them. He quickly gets tired of this because it takes forever to kill them (35 hits). He finally kills the one and goes to kill the next one. When that one finally dies, he begins to celebrate until he realizes that there is a time limit and his time is up. He goes to destroy the game, but cannot bring himself to do it. He tries playing as the girl, thinking that she'll be better. He picks up a baseball, but cannot figure out how to throw it. He does an uppercut but doesn't know how he did it. It was L and Y. He tries it out and it only takes 3 hits. He moves on to the next level, which is called House of Glass. There is a guy (Robin Harris) catching some glasses being dropped by a baby (PeeWee). He has to help the baby break the glass. He runs out of time again and starts back at the beginning of the game. He goes to destroy the game but, again, can't bring himself to. When he passes the glass level, he goes on to a stage that looks exactly like stage 1. For the third time, he tries to destroy the game, but he can't as he yells "NEEEERD!" while firing his gun several times in the air, Point Break style. He then goes to a haunted house stage. When he is just about to pass, the time runs out. The Critic has had enough and destroys the game.

For a DVD-exclusive special, the Critic would review the Blues Brothers game for SNES, but as himself. He initially mocks the game for being too easy while focusing on how unlike the movie the setting is, then takes notice of the poor controls and unfair difficulty spike after the third level. After failing to beat the level with the flying snake, rather than destroying the game as he did with the Bebe's Kids game, he simply throws it outside where it's recovered by Chester A' Bum (another one of Doug Walker's characters) who experiences similar frustrations.

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He's the Angry Video Game Critic