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Atari Jaguar


Video game console
Fifth generation
Retail availability
November 15, 1993
(North America)
November 21, 1994
Q4, 1994
Units sold
250,000 or fewer
ROM cartridge, CD-ROM (Add-On)

The Atari Jaguar was a game console made by Atari. The cartridge-based system's main selling point was advertising it's games as being "64-bit", and it's library included Tempest 2000, Aliens vs. Predator, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Kasumi Ninja, and Rayman. It also had a CD-based peripheral called the Atari Jaguar CD that allowed it to play CD-based games. The Nerd tried to review some Jaguar CD games, but it didn't work, and when he had his friend Richard, inventor of the Nintoaster and Super GeNinTari, try to repair it, apparently, not even he could get it to work, dispite his best efforts (Such as cleaining out the machine and wiring the Jaguar to the CD addon). So, instead, it became the Nerd's toilet, due to the similarity in appearance to a minature toilet and that it will filled with feces, courtesy of AVGN. The shit the Nerd took on the Atari Jaguar appears in the EarthBound review inside of the Nerd's memories.

It and several games were reviewed both two parts, with a failed attempt at reviewing the Atari Jaguar CD in the latter. However, sometime afterwards, somebody sent a working Atari Jaguar CD to James Rolfe, so he reviewed it in a James & Mike Play episode. Still, the games he played were not very good.

Atari Jaguar II[]

The Atari Jaguar II is an unreleased game console made by Atari. It was to be the successor to the Jaguar, but it was canceled due to the Jaguar's failure.

Atari Jaguar games the Nerd has reviewed[]

The Nerd also mentioned Zool 2, Brutal Sports Football and Checkered Flag, but didn't review them in-depth.

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  • Before the Jaguar's release, Atari was going to release a 32-bit console called Panther.
  • When Boo (the Nerd's cat) is chasing the Atari Jaguar logo, if you look closely, you can see a red dot. It's a laser light.
  • As mentioned in the James & Mike episode, shells of the Atari Jaguar were later painted white and used for dental equipment.