Atari 5200

Title card for the episode.

Atari 5200 is the 20th episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd (series). It first aired February 13th 2007.


The episode begins with the Nerd (offscreen) playing a video game. The Nerd's voice is suddenly heard saying that the Atari 2600 defines the word classic. He then mentions the Atari 5200, which was meant to replace the 2600. However, it failed. He shows us his Atari 5200, which is huge. He has an extremely difficult time hooking it up. After he finally manages to do so, he puts a game in. The controller is unresponsive. He puts a different game in and tries that. Again, the controller doesn't work. After trying one more game, he gives up. Then he buys a working Wico 5200 controller and attempts to plug it in, but it doesn't fit because there isn't enough pins.

Games Reviewed

None, the Nerd could not get the controller to work. This was a common problem in Atari 5200s.

The Nerd's Attire

Normal clothes


  • When he yelled "FUUUUUUCK!" when the controller doesn't have enough pins, it is recycled from when he failed to land the plane in his Top Gun review.
  • The Wico 5200 controller requires a Y-cable to plug it in to the Atari 5200.
  • It is unknown if he ever eventually got to play the system.