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Season 3 is a third season of The Angry Video Game Nerd series. It consists of twenty-three episodes.

Episode list[]

Episode No. overall Episode No. in season Episode Title Episode Length Original air date
42 1 Virtual Boy 15:34 February 19, 2008 (GameTrailers)

August 24, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd reviews Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy console along with the limited amount of games that were made for the console.
43 2 The Wizard of Oz 11:25 March 4, 2008 (GameTrailers)

September 11, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd is wishing he was not playing another bad game, as he reviews The Wizard of Oz for the SNES.
44 3 Doublevision Part 1 - Intellivision 10:04 March 25, 2008 (GameTrailers)

September 17, 2009 (YouTube)

Part 1 of 2. The Nerd tackles reviewing two-second generation consoles from the late 1970s – early 1980s. In part one, he looks at the Intellivision and the games made for it, including Utopia, Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. He also takes a look at B-17 Bomber and Bomb Squad; two games compatible with the Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module.
45 4 Doublevision Part 2 - ColecoVision 8:24 April 8, 2008 (GameTrailers)

September 25, 2009 (YouTube)

Part 2 of 2. The Nerd reviews the ColecoVision and plays the games that were made for this console, including Montezuma’s Revenge, Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park, Chuck Norris Superkicks, and War Room.
46 5 The Wizard / Super Mario Bros. 3 17:19 April 22, 2008 (GameTrailers)

November 8, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd takes a look at a good game for once, as he recalls how great it was to play Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, while also taking a look back to a film in which it was featured in – The Wizard.
47 6 NES Accessories 13:51 May 14, 2008 (GameTrailers)

November 24, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd reviews several accessories for the NES to find out how good or bad they are, including the NES Zapper and Power Pad, the Konami LaserScope, the U-Force, and the LJN Roll & Rocker. He also spends some time using the Super Scope peripheral for the SNES.
48 7 Indiana Jones Trilogy 18:43 May 20, 2008 (GameTrailers)

December 12, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd dons his leather hat and whip, and delves into the holy grail of bad video games, as he looks at a collection of games based on the Indiana Jones film series, made for the Atari 2600, NES and SNES.
49 8 Star Trek 10:45 June 11, 2008 (GameTrailers)

May 7, 2009 (YouTube)

The Nerd boldly goes where no bad game should ever go, by beaming down a collection of games based upon the sci-fi series Star Trek, made for the Vectrex, Atari 2600, ColecoVision and NES.
50 9 Superman 11:46 June 26, 2008 (GameTrailers)

January 1, 2010 (YouTube)

Bad games will never be faster than a speeding Super Nerd, as he reviews two bad video games based upon Superman, made for the Atari 2600 and NES.
51 10 Superman 64 10:37 July 8, 2008 (GameTrailers)

January 13, 2010 (YouTube)

Super Nerd returns, this time to save Superman from two more bad video games. Superman: The Game for the Commodore 64, and the infamous Superman 64 for the Nintendo 64.
52 11 Batman (Part 1) 11:45 July 22, 2008 (GameTrailers)

January 27, 2010 (YouTube)

Part 1 of 2. The Nerd dons his cowl and cape and prepares to beat back the darkness of bad Batman video games, including Batman: The Caped Crusader (Commodore 64), Batman (NES), Batman Returns (Sega CD and Atari Lynx), The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES), and Batman Forever (SNES). After the Nerd calls it quits, the Joker ties him up and forces him to play more Batman games.
53 12 Batman (Part 2) 9:42 August 10, 2008 (GameTrailers)

January 29, 2010 (YouTube)

Part 2 of 2. Under the Joker’s capture, the Nerd is forced to review Batman: Return of the Joker (NES and Game Boy) and Batman: Revenge of the Joker (Sega Genesis). The Nerd eventually has enough of the Joker’s shenanigans, and fights him in a homage to the 1960s Batman series.
54 13 Deadly Towers 8:20 August 19, 2008 (GameTrailers)

February 28, 2010 (YouTube)

The Nerd finds out how deadly difficult it is to complete another bad video game, when he attempts to review Deadly Towers for the NES.
55 14 Battletoads 7:52 September 3, 2008 (GameTrailers)

March 17, 2010 (YouTube)

As the Nerd prepares to review Battletoads for the NES, he finds himself joined by the “guitar guy” who’s been living behind his couch, and who helps to show him why it’s impossible to complete the game with two players.
56 15 Dick Tracy 14:04 September 16, 2008 (GameTrailers)

March 28, 2010 (YouTube)

The Nerd turns into a detective to find out why no one would want to play Dick Tracy for the NES, and soon uncovers the many flaws and problems with it.
57 16 Dracula 11:57 October 14, 2008 (GameTrailers)

October 2, 2009 (YouTube)

Halloween is approaching, but the Nerd finds it hard to see Count Dracula being scary to him, as he looks at a selection of bad games based on the vampire legend himself, including Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the NES, SNES, Genesis, and the Sega CD. This episode is the first mention of Fred Fucks, the Nerd’s arch-nemesis, based on the illegibility of the name of Bram Stoker’s Dracula executive producer, Fred Fuchs, in the video game credits.
58 17 Frankenstein 14:08 October 29, 2008 (GameTrailers)

October 13, 2009 (YouTube)

Halloween has arrived, and the Nerd is green with anger at finding out that there are bad video games on the NES and SNES that have been based on another horror legend – Frankenstein.
59 18 CD-i Part I 7:57 November 12, 2008 (GameTrailers)

April 14, 2010 (YouTube)

Part 1 of 3. The Nerd begins his three-part review of the Philips CD-i by giving a brief overview of the console itself, and playing Hotel Mario.
60 19 CD-i Part II 12:35 November 25, 2008 (GameTrailers)

April 20, 2010 (YouTube)

Part 2 of 3. The Nerd reviews Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon for the CD-i.
61 20 CD-i Part III 14:15 December 9, 2008 (GameTrailers)

April 28, 2010 (YouTube)

Part 3 of 3. The Nerd finishes off his review of the CD-i by playing Link: The Faces of Evil (Which is similar to The Wand of Gamelon), and Zelda’s Adventure.
62 21 Bible Games 2 17:00 December 23, 2008 (GameTrailers)

December 19, 2009 (YouTube)

It’s Christmas, and for this year the Nerd finds himself reviewing another collection of badly-made, religious-themed video games for the NES, CD-i and Game Boy, including Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land, Noah’s Ark, and King James Bible.
63 22 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 10:04 January 7, 2009 (GameTrailers)

July 14, 2010 (YouTube)

The Nerd tries to moonwalk his way around another bad game, as takes a look at Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for the Genesis.
64 23 Milon's Secret Castle 11:33 January 27, 2009 (GameTrailers)

September 14, 2010 (YouTube)

The Nerd finds no secrets to make a bad game look good, when he reviews Milon's Secret Castle for the NES.