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Season 18 is the 18th and ongoing season of The Angry Video Game Nerd series. It consists of four episodes as of June 2024.

Episode list[]

Episode No. overall Episode No. in season Episode Title Episode Length Original air date
213 1 The Goonies 1 & 2 26:12 (YouTube)

25:10 (Odysee)

February 25, 2024
In Angry Video Game Nerd episode 213, The Nerd heads under the Goon Docks to dig up buried treasure, but instead of One Eyed Willie's gold he finds something worse than the Fratellis: Goonies 1 and 2!
214 2 My Horse Prince 20:00 (YouTube)

18:52 (Odysee)

April 19, 2024
In Angry Video Game Nerd episode 214, The Nerd decided to upgrade his cellphone to an iPhone and try out mobile gaming for the first time ever with the incredibly bizarre and deranged dating sim My Horse Prince, which features an anime girl and a talking horse with an attractive human face!
215 3 What Is the Best Castlevania? 25:10 (YouTube)

24:02 (Odysee)

May 8, 2024
The Nerd celebrates 20 years of Angry Video Game Nerd in AVGN episode 215, with the series that started it all and this time he's going to decide what the greatest Castlevania game of all time is for good!
216 4 SimCity 19:16 (YouTube)

18:07 (Odysee)

June 25, 2024
In Angry Video Game Nerd episode 216, The Nerd plays a Super Nintendo classic as he tries to achieve a lifelong dream of getting a Megalopolis and Mario statue in SimCity, at any cost!
217 5 ? ? 2024