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Angry Video Game Nerd (Bloodstain Bears Universe)


Portrayed by
James Rolfe
Serial Killer/ Dimension Hopper
First Appearance
Berenstain Bears

This Angry Video Game Nerd is the Nerd from an alternate dimension/timeline. Like the original Nerd, he is also portrayed by James Rolfe.

Berenstain Bears[]

When the original Nerd travels to the ruins of his childhood home, he finds a box of his old Berenstain Bears books in the attic to try and prove that it was spelled Berenstein Bears. After discovering that it was indeed spelled Berenstain, he collapses on the floor in disbelief and despair, only for this Nerd to show up and urge him to leave. The original Nerd demands a quick explanation, so the alternate Nerd explains how there exists many alternate universes, each with minor differences, and how the original Nerd and many others from his universe (Berenstein) somehow ended up in the current universe (Berenstain). The alternate Nerd also explains that he is one of the rare individuals capable of interdimensional travel, which he has been doing in an effort to return to his native universe, but to no avail. He mentions that two of the same person in one dimension creates a paradox and that one has to die in order to restore balance. An example of this being how he disguised himself as Jason Voorhees to kill the Nerd of that dimension. But he declares that he is done with killing his alternate dimensional counterparts in a futile effort to go home and wishes to be sacrificed by "the ones who will restore balance" if he fails to do so. He is then cornered by the Berenstain Bear family of his dimension, the Bloodstain Bears, and savagely devoured as the original Nerd runs away.


  • In his dimension, Double Dragon 3 was better than the first two with Billy being the typo rather than Bimmy, and the Berenstain Bears are known as the Bloodstain Bears.
  • He has killed the Nerd in at least 4 other dimensions, one of which he did disguised as Jason.