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The spaceship is the extraterrestrial vessel that brought the alien down to Earth when it crash-landed in the year 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. The craft is made out of a metallic alloy that resembles tin foil, but acts strange when you play around with it, displaying strange, magnetic properties.


The alien ships is able to enter and escape planet Earth's atmosphere and perform interstellar journeys. In terms of weapons, only a single red laser beam has been shown, fired from the front point of the ship. The ship can emit a blue tractor beam from its bow which it can use to suck anything or anyone up. If sucked up, the thing or person will materialize from glowing purple particles inside of a tiny booth in the back of the ship's cockpit, and when sent down again, the same seemingly happens, though in a far bigger spectacle of light. It is also able to project a purple light from its bow to use a spotlight, though the source of it is seemingly invisible. Finally, it is able to project holograms outside of it from the left side of the ship's hull in a beam, and because of its nature as being made out of the Eee Tee games, it is able to load the bygone game data from the old circuitry and project the game in the hologram beam.

Inside of the cockpit it is a strange and alien sight, where most of the controls do not seem to make much sense.

It is unknown what kind of power source it runs on.[1]

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